A vase of our flowers is the perfect way to greet your customers, always beautiful, often highly scented, locally grown without the use of pesticides- what better way to improve your businesses’ carbon footprint?

We are happy to offer a weekly delivery of a beautiful arrangement with the very best seasonal flowers grown by us.  We will take away the old vase and flowers and replace with the new- so no work involved for you!

Selling Local Flowers

Across Devon we have our small flower stands popping up to really put locally grown flowers on the map.

Working with like minded businesses we are proud to restock our stands weekly with small “Grab and Go” bouquets. These are reasonably priced at £12 and contain a mix of flowers freshly harvested from our flower farm. Customers love the fact our flowers change every week and are packaged in compostable packaging.

Please get into contact to order a stand for your shop.  We cover an area of South Devon that reaches from Exeter to Salcombe currently.