Our Story & Vision

Welcome to our farm in beautiful South Devon where we grow thousands of stems of the most beautiful, fragrant flowers. Our flowers are grown from seed here on our farm, carefully nurtured and then planted out until ready to bloom.

Choosing locally grown flowers means you are supporting true seasonality, reducing air miles from shop bought flown-in blooms and making an eco conscious choice. Our flowers are pesticide free, grown in harmony with nature they provide homes and food for thousands of insects. The flower field is full of life during the growing season and creating a wildlife refuge is a theme very close to our hearts.

The farm is a family affair, we are a husband and wife team, Amelia and Giles; ably assisted by our three free-range boys, Rafferty, Byron and Caspian.
Add two dogs, two llamas, two alpacas and a cackling flock of chickens and our family portrait is complete.

By buying local flowers you will see for yourself how nature intended us to enjoy them, fragrant, unique and often exceeding the vase-life expectations of commercially grown…

Devon Grown never Flown, why not see for yourself?